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Metal roof is an excellent choice to make when considering purchasing a reliable roofing material that will keep your cherished home protect for many years to come. Standing Seam Roofing Provides Vertical Metal Panels for Beauty and Protection.

Aftermath Roofing and Construction has been setting a higher standard as a metal roofing contractor, serving Texas Statewide for residential. A metal roof in Texas is a sound investment and adds beauty and value to any home or business. Lasting for a long time in the Texas area with our intense sun with other extreme weather conditions. They are backed with our equally long certified metal roofing contractors warranty.

They are cost effective as they can be installed over some old systems to save on tear off costs incurred while bring it to the current standard. Metal systems provide a protective fixture that does not split, gather mold or warp unlike asphalt shingles. They are highly durable and are able to withstand extreme weather conditions with very little storm damage from heavy snow, hurricane force winds, wind driven rains, hail and extreme heat. Our metal roofing systems are usually made of galvalume, steel, copper or aluminum. Formed into standing seam,  the durability makes it an ideal roofing material. With the highest viability in the commercial sector. Manufacturers of metal systems reap huge profits, as the demand is high for these products.

Metal roof systems set the standard for energy efficient and have been known to reduce energy bills by up to 20%.

Our metal systems are available in flat sheet and standing-seam.

Our standing seam roofs are more common in the residential roofing industry more now than ever before.

The durability and quality of our roofs comes from quality installation and is enhanced by the gauge of the metal roof system.