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(956) 753-7663

Shingle roofs are best for steep-slope systems, and shingle roofs are a great roofing style for all those in Texas.

Shingles are great for all weather conditions, and it requires very little maintenance to make it work right.

There are tons of manufacturing qualities available, and the lifespans range all the way up from ten years to a lifetime.

Depending on the choices of the homeowner, shingle roofing in Texas are selected in a variety of colors and styles. You are no longer limited to just one type of style or choice. You have almost infinite choices available. Shingles are an old roofing standard. They have been very popular in the past, and they are still very popular today. There are more options in shingles now than ever before.

There are so many shingle choices to see today.

Here at Aftermath Roofing and Construction, we carry three-tab shingles and architectural shingles from leading manufacturers to give your home a long-lasting beautiful finish.

To get the longest life out of your asphalt roof, proper installation, maintenance, and repair is necessary. When you count on us for all your asphalt roofing services, we guarantee only the highest quality materials backed by strong warranties and unmatched service.

Aftermath Roofing and Construction provides Residential Roofing Services from new construction, to re-roofing, to repairs. Our experience, company-owned equipment, and partnerships with major roofing supply manufacturers enables us to provide the highest quality.